Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program

Low income seniors will have a chance to have fresh fruits and vegetables this summer.

The senior farmer’s market nutrition program gives seniors coupons to redeem for the produce. It's all from a partnership between health and agriculture agencies and local farmers to encourage the health of families.

“I've come out to sign up for the coupons because this helps me get fresh vegetables that otherwise I probably wouldn't get because I can't get out to the farms and pick things and this helps other seniors too because they can come out and get things and shop right here at the farm center," said Annie Cain.

Coupons will be handed out on a first come first serve basis at the Houston County farm center Tuesday through Friday starting at seven thirty in the morning.

There are a few requirements to get the coupons. First, you must be at least 60-years-old, and, you have to be a resident of Houston County.