Geneva County Probate Judge Pursuit

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A spirited local race in Geneva County is expected to draw out voters in next Tuesday’s Alabama primary. Two-term probate judge, Harry Adkison, is facing a strong challenge from county commissioner Fred Hamic.

For the last 12-years, Harry Adkison has served as Geneva County’s probate judge and county commission chairman.

During his time in office, the Samson native says he's seen the closure of the textile industry but now sees new businesses setting-up shop in the county.

Adkison says he's the man to continue the progress.

"I see an economic growth. I see Geneva county moving forward in its economy which is the force of vibrant growth for children, seniors and for the economy as a whole," said Adkison.

However, county commissioner Fred Hamic is challenging Adkison in the republican primary. Hamic says the incumbent has failed to keep up with needless county spending, and has created a poor morale environment in the probate judge's office. Hamic believes Adkison has lost touch with those who initially elected him.

"A little bit more in the way of human relations. I know all the ladies down there and they do a good job. But, I have gotten complaints from taxpayers. But it's nothing that can't be overcome with a little training and talking," said Hamic.

It’s been a spirited campaign, but that's part of the political process.

"A lot of people feel they do need a change in that office and in order to get that change they have to get out and vote next Tuesday," said Hamic.

Several longtime officials expect it to be a close race, with perhaps just a few votes separating the winner and loser.

The winner of the republican primary for Geneva County probate judge will face the lone Democrat, Ricky White, in the November general election.