Houston County Education


A local citizen's group is looking for ways to address the education funding crisis. They're asking the Houston County Commission to return part of a one-cent sales tax that was once completely earmarked for education. But county commissioners are not happy with that idea.

Steve Kornegay of the Community Education Committee that's trying to solve school problems asked commissioners to give up the money.

Back in 1987, a three year one cent sales tax increase was approved for Dothan and Houston county Schools. Houston County Commissioners extended that sales tax for 15 years in 1989, but they also started sending about 30-percent of the revenue to their own general fund.

They used the money to buy their current office building and to resurface hundreds of miles of roads. The county commission extended the tax for 10 more years in 1999 and now they're using their part of the money to pay off a bond issue on a new jail and a remodeled courthouse.

But the Community Education Committee wants the money to benefit students. County commissioners are not too excited about giving up that kind of money.

But, Culver says commissioners will set up a meeting with members of the Community Education Committee to discuss the proposal within the next few weeks.