Enterprise Water Rationing Schedule

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The ongoing drought has led officials in one wiregrass city to take precautionary measures. Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell stresses that his city has plenty of water.

Residents and business operators are being asked to abide by an odd-even rationing system.

In the worst drought in five years, Enterprise Mayor Boswell says he has no choice but to enact water rationing measures.

Odd-numbered street addresses will water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, even-numbered will water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. No water wing will be allowed on Sunday.

"I want to emphasize there's no water shortage. Let me repeat there is no water shortage.
I’ll keep a close eye on the weather, and our water levels," said Mayor Boswell.

At this time, plant nurseries and car wash businesses are exempt from the rationing. If the drought continues, that may change; Dale Grimes operates a plant nursery on the Boll Weevil Circle:

"If they don't ration us on the water it won't. As long as we can get water to water them we'll be okay. But we aren’t had enough rain to keep them watered," said Dale Grimes, Circle G Plant & Produce.

Although Enterprise now has three additional wells it didn't have during the last drought in the summer of 2001.

Public Water Works Director Alan Mahan said "Deckling water wells has been an issue because over the last couple of weeks we have been drawing a significant amount of water."

Rationing restrictions are being made for newly placed lawn sod. Violators can expect to receive written warnings, and then fines.

Last month, the city of Dothan enacted odd-even numbered water plan as well. Officials are keeping an eye on the underground aquifer water levels.