Boaters Won't Let High Gas Prices Keep Them Closer to Shore

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For many Americans, summer time means boating time and the soaring cost of fuel will certainly make a trip out to sea more expensive, this summer. But that doesn't seem to bothering local area boaters.

"At first we thought that their might be a reduction in boaters, but it appears that people are coming out to the lakes instead of taking long trips from home," said Tommy Payne, Alabama Marine Police.

In fact, a study conducted by the recreational marine research center shows that 94 percent of boaters across the nation, plan to follow through with plans to hit the water this summer, even if gas rose another $1 a gallon.

Some people even say they rather cut down on other kinds of spending so that they have enough to pay for gas for their boats.

"I'm going to save it and put it into my boat. I love it, I love being on the water," said John Chisholm

Bob Griggs has been boating on Lake Eufala since he was five years old.

He says that weekend alone, he spent $180 just on gas for his small speed boat. But the rising cost of fuel doesn't deter him from using it.

"We come out here to have a good time, so we go out to Georgia and buy gas, because gas is cheaper in Georgia," said Griggs.

That seems to be the case for many other local area boaters.

"I've not seen it deterring anybody this weekend. The lake is filled with everybody having a good time," said Raley.

John Chisholm: "The prices are real high but if you want to have a good time, that's just a price you're going to have to pay."

In perspective, a 24 to 28 foot boat that holds between 30 and 40 gallons of gas; it could cost you about $100 to fill boat up.

Currently the average cost of gas across the country is $2.84.

Many people in the Wiregrass look forward to every weekend, especially during the summer months. In spite of high gas prices, people are still hitting the water.