A Geneva County Man Missing Three Days

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It has been three days since a Geneva County man was last seen, and his friends are growing more and more concerned. Authorities say there are a few leads as to where the man could be but nothing is adding up.

Bo Long and Rodney Werst grew up together in Orlando. So when they both moved to Samson, Long let Werst live with him. When Werst did not come home from work Friday evening, Bo reported him missing.

Werst was last spotted at BP station and since then authorities have been getting calls saying he's been seen in Nevada and even Panama City Beach, but no one's resting until they hear directly from him.

A woman who says she's Werst's mother has been in contact with the Samson police department, although she lives in Orlando and authorities cannot confirm her relation to him.

She says she's heard from him and he is okay, but other reports say he is with family and all the confusion has his friends uneasy.

"I don't believe it because he has no relatives around here. The only people he knew was us and his girlfriend, and he's just disappeared," said Long.

Rodney Werst was last seen wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, a ball cap and red tennis shoes. He is 38 years old, stands 5’5” tall and weighs about 180 pounds.

Samson Police Dept. Sgt. Tracy Kersey said, "The man's prone to have seizures and he's out of his medication, so we definitely need to make contact with him to make sure he's okay."

Until authorities have proof that he is okay, he will remain a missing person.

Authorities would prefer to hear directly from Werst, himself but anyone with information on his whereabouts should call the Samson Police Department at 898-7118.