Alabama Buy Fresh, Buy Local Campaign

Memorial Day typically marks the unofficial beginning of summer and for many people, summer is not complete without fresh fruits and vegetables.

The state farmers’ market authority is calling on Alabamians to support farmers in your area with the slogan..."buy fresh, buy local."

For more than 50 years, people in south Alabama have looked to sessions farm for the freshest produce around.

The family grows everything from peaches and watermelons to tomatoes and collards.

The sessions say their business is increasing at area farmers markets and their own roadside stand because of a program urging consumers to "buy fresh, buy local" and that's good for farmers and consumers.

“It's additional income which we've never received and we're getting three times the price for our product that we're getting through the wholesale market. And it's going straight from the farmer to the consumer. They're getting a better producet and we're getting a good price for our product,” said Art Sessions, Farmer.

The buy fresh, buy local program is a partnership between the state farmers’ market authority and the Alabama farmers federation.

Thos groups are working with large food distributors to give consumers more choices when they dine out.

Farmers Market Authority Don Wambles said, “We're working with chefs to use the Buy Fresh, buy Local label in their restaurants to show consumers they're serving fresh, local produce.”

Wambles says farms that participate in the buy fresh, buty local program range in size from one acre to several hundred acres but they all have one thing in common...they're owned by Alabama farmers.

For a listing of farmers markets and roadside stands in your area, you can visit the buy fresh buy local website at