Gas Prices affected on Memorial Day Travelers

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Many people don't seem to be letting high gas prices get in the way of their travel plans this holiday. However, many people aren't letting high gas prices ruin their summer travel plans.

They say they're going to spend time with their families, and nothing is going to stop them.

"We're going to take a family vacation and I just think being all together is more important than the price of gas," said Dennis Tyus, a Tallahassee resident. "The price of gas is really secondary to the price of gas."

The same goes for family who traveled from Kentucky to Florida for Memorial Day weekend.

"No, it hasn't stopped us. We just wanted to come down to Florida and have some fun, and we just all split the price of gas, so it all worked out pretty good too," said Trey Copeland.

For Ed Roth, traveling up north like he does every summer is out of the question because he says his mobile home drinks up too much gas.

"Gas is too high up there and this thing has to use a lot of gas. And I usually go up there every summer, but this summer I'm not going at all," said Roth.

One thing is certain; in order to travel and vacation people have to cut back on other expenses.

Holli Rapelje said, “We've cut out a few of our leisure activities and into our budget and more into the gas. It has affected us quite a bit."

Jessica Rogers said, "We are saving money. We had to save a lot from our checks at work."

Bryce Otwell said, "He has a very big truck and it gets about seven miles to the gallon. It's about to kill us."

Charlene Rodriguez said, "We don't get out no more. I mean, it used to be that you could go out and be with your family and spend quality time with them, but this day and time you have to cut back just to have gas in your vehicle."

So when it comes down to dining out or going shopping, many people appear to be keeping their wallets closed, so they can deal with the pinch at the pump and still travel this summer.