Lifeguard Shortage at Water World

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Water World in Dothan is open for business and an important factor in their success is their dedication to safety. Currently the water park have experiencing low numbers in trained lifeguards and are searching for people to fill several open positions.

Water World does have a sufficient number of lifeguards to stay in operation. However, if their numbers continue to decline, they will be forced to close their doors until their numbers increase.

Hot temperatures often drive people, especially children, into the water parks to cool off. Water World has been offering refreshing outdoor activates to people in the Wiregrass for many years now, but a decrease in certified lifeguards is posing a problem.

Water World Operations Manager Kelly Lyon says, "We’re pushing to hire more lifeguards. Numbers have dropped because of turnover. We're hoping to get more in here in order to have a full staff of lifeguards for summer."

The city of Dothan employs about 20 lifeguards during the summer months to work at both Water World and the indoor pool. Lifeguards say there are many reasons they enjoy their jobs.

"I like the responsibility of being out here to watch people and the sun," says Philip Thornell, lifeguard at Water World.

Lifeguard training lasts about three weeks, and can be tedious, but lifeguards say the course work is well worth the pay off.

"They were hard and challenging, but that's what I like. I enjoyed it, it gave me something to do and it got me in shape," said Thornell.

The next training session begins May 31 and Water World welcomes anyone interested to sign up for the class.

Water World officials say safety is their main goal at the water park, and lifeguards play a major role in their ability to uphold safety procedures.

If you are interested in signing up to take the lifeguard certification course, or if you are already certified and are looking for a job; you can contact Water World at 615-3755