Houston and Henry County Burglary Ring Busted

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A Dothan man is under arrest, suspected of playing a role in a burglary ring involving several dozen homes that were robbed. Police say he was selling stolen guns to the public.

Twenty-eight-year-old Jason Payne confessed to selling about 80 stolen guns. Payne has been charged with one count of receiving stolen property, and his bond is set at $1 million.

A man called authorities, claiming that a co-worker bought a gun that was stolen from his home. That gun was traced back to Payne, who confessed to the crime.

Payne also told authorities that two other men were involved.

He says they were the ones who would commit the robberies, and then give him the stolen guns to sell.

The guns were sold for anywhere between $50 to $150.

Don McMullen, of the Houston County deputy sheriff's office, says he's glad an arrest has been made.

"It makes us proud for our department and for law enforcement. Any time law enforcement can take this type of criminal off the streets, we feel like we're doing our responsibility, or fulfilling our responsibility to the public," said McMullan.

So far authorities say they have recovered 10 stolen guns. However they say there are anywhere between 50 to 80 other guns still out there.

Authorities are asking that if anyone purchased a gun from Payne, to please contact them at 334-677-4888.

Anyone who hands in a gun will not be charged with a crime. Authorities will continue to look for the other two men involved.