Chancellor Water Project

The chairman of the North Geneva County Water Authority says he's received word that the chancellor community will soon get a new water system. It should mean improved water pressure and better fire fighting capabilities.

$200,000 water system improvement has been announced for chancellor. It'll include 100,000 gallon water tower.

In several weeks Jill White will move her all-natural sauce and salad dressing production line from Georgia to her chancellor based business.

"Six sources and four dressings; we will be using a lot of water because we have to wash down the equipment after we make each item. I say we use a lot of water as far as cleaning the equipment," said White.

Wayne Johnson, the director of the North Geneva County Water Suthority, says the project is crucial with the expanding residential and business population:

"We’ve outgrown the smaller tank, and we've had to ration water with the new tank folks can use what they want," said Johnson.

Several Chancellor residents we spoke with said they were unhappy with a recent letter they received which limits washing their cars and watering their lawns.

"The only complaint I have heard is the letter they sent out causing folks not to be able to wash their cars or water their lawns," said Penny Shirah.

At this time there no set time table when the 100,000 gallon water tank will be installed.

The federal grant dollars for the water project will be administered through Alabama’s Department of Economic Development.