Coffee County Marijuana Search

The Alabama Bureau of Investigations helicopter has been flying over the Wiregrass; the bureau is conducting its annual pot eradication program.

Sheriff Ben Moates says it was not unusual to find hundreds of plants growing in nearby plots over the years. However, on Thursday marijuana plants are far and few between.

The sheriff says many of the potential growers have been scarred off by the increased presence of state and local law enforcement.

Moates says some of the growers may have moved their cash crop indoors.

"There is a chance that they have moved operations inside, and we have to depend on inside intelligence to let us know. But I don't think that's the case too often, not on any large scale," said Sheriff Ben Moates.

In two days of flying, Sheriff Moates says the A.B.I. helicopter detected two separate plots in New Brockton and Kinston.

In all, 30 plants were detected and uprooted.