Another Gun Found in Houston County Jail

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Investigators still haven't told the media or the public how a gun was brought into the jail weeks ago and sewn inside an inmate mattress. Now, a second gun was found in the Houston County Jail.

It looks like it got there after an inmate wasn't searched properly.

Berthiah Long arrived at the Houston County Jail Wednesday night. He'd been arrested in Ashford at hobo pantry, and later charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

However, what authorities hadn't counted on is Long bringing a 22 cal. Deringer gun into the jail before trying to hide it in a nearby laundry basket.

The Houston County Sheriff's Department Commander Donn McMullon said, "The pistol was not loaded and at no time got back into the area where the inmates are housed."

Before booking Long into the jail, arresting Officer Jason Arnette says he searched the suspect and only found a knife, keys, coins, and a box of .22 cartridges.

News 4 talked with Ashford Police Chief Roanne Lawler, and he said he'll now use this, "and all officers should view this as a lesson learned."

But officials say it’s an honest mistake, and something like this has happened before.

I've got 31 years in law enforcement. Has it happened before? Prisoners being carried in the Houston County Jail, any county jail or city jail, yes, it's happened many times before,” said Chief Lawler.

Long is being held with no bond. There is no word on whether any disciplinary actions will be taken against Officer Arnette.

Investigators are still searching for clues as to how the first gun found in the jail got there three weeks ago.