Henry Co. Hurricane Preps

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Henry County is preparing for the aftermath of a hurricane. The emergency management agency is working on a plan to help make recovery efforts affective and efficient.

EMA officials are working to create plans to deal with the aftermath of hurricanes.

They say the key is having a detailed plan that is already understood by all emergency responders, so clean-up efforts can begin as soon as the storm moves out.

June 1st marks the beginning of the 2006 hurricane season. Henry County is working to ensure that all officials and organizations involved in recovery efforts are well-informed about disaster relief plans.

State EMA Regional Coord, Pete McGough said, "This time of year it's important. Hurricane season is projected to be an active one it is nice to get everyone together to come up with a readiness plan, new ideas, and get everyone ready for disasters."

Henry County has formed a Local emergency planning committee to act as a liaison between disaster relief agencies and the public.

"The committee is there to enlighten citizens about what needs to be done to pre-plan for disasters," said Paul Brown, Henry Co. EMA Dir.

Emergency officials encourage residents to prepare a supply kit to survive for at least 72 hours. They are working to ensure that basic needs facilities in the community have the necessary equipment to open up as quickly as possible to serve the public.

"We’ve got to take care of people. If we have gas stations and grocery stores people can continue on with their daily lives," said McGaugh.

Henry County is also working to install more sirens to alert residents of disasters as they make their way into the area.

The state EMA is assistant not only Henry County, but every county in the state to have at least one grocery, gas, and pharmacy up and going within hours after a storm hits.

In addition to preparing for hurricanes, Henry County is also making plans to deal with other natural disasters and large-scale accidents.