Ft. Rucker Soldiers Training Changes

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Ft. Rucker is known as the home of army aviation, but now the post is undergoing changes in training.

Instructors are preparing soldiers differently than they have in the past.

The United States has been a nation at war since April 2003. Thousands of troops have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan in support of the war on terrorism.

Garrison Commander, COL Scott LaRese said, “We have adjusted training here at Ft. Rucker to accommodate lessons learned as soldiers come back from engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Ft. Rucker is changing their training to a more hands-on method. They have set up warrior tasks and drills to get the soldiers ready for combat.

“On installation soldiers are carrying weapons so can practice weapon immersion,” said LaRese.

One thing troops have learned after going overseas. There are some Iraqis who are enemies and some that aren't.

Alabama guard soldiers practice interacting with Iraqis through a simulated Iraqi village. That's what Ft. Rucker is doing.

“We have forward operating base to allow soldiers to live like they do overseas,” said LaRese.

The training adjustments at Ft. Rucker were made to better prepare soldiers for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Ft. Rucker is also using convoys for training to familiarize pilots with ground transportation while in Iraq.