Daleville Co. Sheriff Candidates

The Daleville Lions Club had there annual meeting to jump start the campaign for three republican candidates running for Dale County sheriff.

Walter Ford, Vince Mizell, and Wally Olsen spoke to supporters at McLins restaurant in Daleville Tuesday.

There are three republicans and one democrat running for the position.

“I’m well familiar with operations of the sheriff’s office. I’m familiar with the budget process, I’m familiar with the criminal investigations part of the sheriff’s office and the complete operations,” said Walter Ford.

“Were going to serve the public were going to be there when they need us day or night. That’s the number one priority is to respond whenever we are called,” said Vince Mizell.

“There’s not going to be a lot of changes, I don’t believe in a lot of changes I got some ideas for the sheriffs office that I believe we can benefit that are low cost to the tax payers,” said Wally Olsen

The Alabama primary will be held on June 6.