Washington County Murder Arrest

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An arrest has been made for the murder of an elderly Washington County woman. The suspect made his first appearance in court Tuesday morning and is being held without bond.

46-year old Everett Wallace Newcomb is the primary suspect in the case. He was arrested Monday night just two days after the victim was found dead.

Newcomb had been living with the victim 80-year-old Arline Payne for the past several years.

Her children say she was just being kind trying to help him get back on his feet. Because that's the kind of person she was.

Victim's son Linwood Roberts said, "She was a proper New England lady and she would always say when I got her really mad, 'I'm a senior citizen. I've got my rights.' It was like, God bless you, mom. I'm going to miss that attitude. She's just a loving person."

Authorities say they discovered Payne dead in her bedroom Saturday after receiving a phone call from Newcomb himself.

He told authorities she was dead when he found her but he quickly became a suspect through physical evidence and interviews.

"The suspect does have an extensive criminal history, battery on law enforcement officers and some other violent issues," said Sheriff Bobby Haddock

Neighbors around the house did not see anything unusual the day of the murder.

Authorities are not releasing how she was murdered or details into why Newcomb is the primary suspect.

While authorities won't confirm the cause of death, Payne’s family members told News 4 she was beaten and stabbed to death.

Newcomb is being held under no bond and is being charged with an open count of murder.