Dothan Automated Garbage Trucks

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Some Dothan residents will soon be using city supplied trash cans. The city commission has approved 18,000 carts to be used to accommodate Dothan’s new automated garbage trucks.

Currently the city collects garbage with one driver, and two other sanitation workers picking up and shoveling trash into the back of the city's garbage trucks.

Officials are waiting for the delivery of automated trucks which require only one worker.

Dothan City Manager Mike West said, “We have enough turnovers and the way this thing is going to be phased in no one will lose their job; we're going to put them in other jobs that are opening as we do that.”

On Tuesday, the Dothan city commission approved 18,000 city owned, 95 gallon trash cans to accommodate the automated trucks.

The automated trucks will be like the ones that neighboring Coffee County is already using.

The new system will replace the 35 gallon trash bags and cans that folks buy on their own.

The city also approved for the first five of 11 automated trucks to be delivered within the next 90 days.

But in this first phase, only 16,000 of the 28,000 households that have the city’s trash pick up will see the first round of trucks used in their neck of the woods.

Public Works Director, Jerry Corbin said, “Right now there’s no plan to have a garbage fee.”

Together the trucks and carts cost around $1.7 million. The money is coming from surplus funds that were set aside when the subject of obtaining automated trucks was first brought up years back.

The biggest change residents will see is how often there will be trash pick-up.

The schedule will continue to be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. But instead of coming twice a week, garbage pick-up will only be once a week.

The first round of trucks will arrive the first week of October. The automated trucks will save the city about 1 million dollars.