Bullock Case

A grand jury has determined there was no criminal wrong doing by a Henry County man who's accused of fatally shooting his neighbor.

Thirty-six-year-old Nolan Newell, Jr. was shot to death in February during a violent domestic dispute near Newville.

Newell was killed in the home of his next-door neighbor, 43-year-old Richard Bullock. Investigators said Newell's ex-wife had recently moved in with Bullock.

Bullock claims he acted in self-defense after he arrived home from work and found Newell and the woman arguing.

Bullock was questioned and released without being charged, but the case was taken to a Henry County Grand Jury; they failed to return an indictment.

Valeska said there is no statute of limitations on homicide cases. That means those cases can be reopened anytime new evidence comes to light.