No Primary Debates for Alabama's Candidates for Governor

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - It appears that Alabama voters won't see
a debate between the major candidates for governor before the
primary election on June sixth.

Roy Moore's campaign is accusing Governor Bob Riley of ducking a
debate. But a spokesman for Riley said Moore did not seek a debate
until Riley's schedule was already set for the closing weeks of the
primary campaign.

On the Democratic side, former Governor Don Siegelman called for
debates in January. Lieutenant Governor Lucy Baxley said then --
and still maintains the position -- that debates ought to wait
until after Siegelman's trial on government corruption charges.

With the trial unlikely to end before primary election day, that
rules out debates on the Democratic side.

While there have been no primary debates, the candidates have
appeared at conventions, forums and political events where each
spoke separately and then answered questions from the audience.