Coffee County Animal Control

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Residents in Coffee County’s rural basin community say it's not uncommon to see packs of wild dogs in the area.

At Monday’s Coffee County commission meeting, one woman asked elected officials to come up with a solution before someone is injured or worse.

Sherry Perdue says she's an animal lover. However, she has encountered wild packs of dangerous dogs at her home just outside of Elba. Perdue says she's contacted law enforcement, but there's little that can be done with no animal control ordinances on the books.

"I express there's no animal control. There are wild and starving animals; they will attack other animals and children. I called and was told that there was nothing that could be done about it," said Perdue.

The county has a contract with the Elba animal shelter. However the resident is required to bring the dog to the facility. Elba's canine officer will only pick-up within the city limits.

"The commission understands the problem but there's a lack of funds, and we need to support the necessities. And we are ready for what we have to do. And I plan to look at it and see if the people want to do something and maybe vote on it," said Linda Westbrook.

Longtime Coffee County Emergency Management director, John Tallas, speaking as a citizen of the county says it's time something should be done about the stray animal problem.

“Its great we have an agreement with the city of Elba but, folks are required to get the animal to the pound. They are left with that problem," said Tallas.

The board plans to look at the issue later in a workshop session.

Without a spay and neuter program, elected officials in several Wiregrass counties are encountering the same problem with expanding populations of roaming packs of wild, dangerous dogs.