Hurricane Preparedness Week

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The countdown to hurricane season is on and local supply stores are noticing more people buying preparation materials now than ever before.

This week is "Hurricane Preparedness Week" and Florida is offering a tax holiday for those buying supplies. However even in Alabama stores are offering discounts to encourage hurricane readiness.

Barbour County resident, Teresa Moates, is taking no chances this year. Like many, she's considering the possibility of a worse case scenario.

"A tornado that spins from a hurricane coming through and will maybe destroy our trailer…or no electricity that's always a bad thing," said Moates.

Emergency management agencies and hardware stores throughout the Wiregrass are already working around the clock.

Lowe's Home Improvement store has developed a system to ship supplies to those in need.

Lowe's, Store Manager, Chuck Hall said "I was in the Florida market last year and obviously when the rove get damaged and water's coming inside the home, limiting that water damage to sheet rock can be critical when they've got roof damage."

Also, be prepared to get by without basic needs.

Professionals advise having a grill, extra propane tanks, coolers and anything else that does not require electricity to operate.

While having a generator is a good way to be prepared, officials say it's not enough. Resident should have some sort of lumber and tarp, to protect their home. They’ll also need the most important necessity- water.

Officials say you'll want to have enough supplies to last you and your family at least 72-hours after a storm.

According to the latest reports, officials are predicting there will be 16-named storms this season. Four to six of them will be major.