Shelter Prepares for Hurricane

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Hurrcane season is less than two weeks away and a rescue mission in Panama City needs help preparing. The shelter houses more than 300 homelss people during hurricanes, a large undertaking for one shelter.

When a hurricane hits land, it takes a toll on everyone in a community. Just imagine having to provide all the basic needs of life to more than three hundred people. That's the duty the Rescue Mission in Panama City attempts to fulfill each year.

Director of the Shelter Billy Fox said, "Major goal in preparing for disasters is if there hard hit from last year, we don't have the supplies we need to hunker down."

The rescue mission is the only shelter in the area that directly focuses on taking care of the homeless. People that use their services are thankful for the security it offers.

A resident of the shelter, Michelle Darby said, "Safe. I have a chance right now and I've hit the bottom and this gives me a sense of security."

Directors of the shelter say this group of individuals have special needs that require extra attention. Fox said, "They are more vulnerable. They don't have transportation, they have mental issues and no resources They can't get into other shelters."

The shelter is gathering goods together to best serve the needs of the homeless during times when they cannot serve themselves.

The shelter is in need of non-perishable foods, batteries, flashlights, and other supplies that could be used if a hurricane hits.

Shelter directors say that after a hurricane they are always looking for volunteers to help prepare th extra food and serve the surplus of people.