Skipperville Worried Parents

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News 4 has received several telephone calls from worried parents from Skipperville. There is increased security at Skipperville schools after rumors started stirring about possible violence.

Aneda Geenwood checked her two kids out of school early Friday. They go to school at Skipperville High School and had told her about rumors they had heard.

“Fearful for my children today because I heard rumors there’s a shootout today,” said Greenwood.

Dale County law enforcement officials wouldn't go on camera but they did say they received rumors last Friday of possible violence at the school.

They couldn't find the source of the statements, but they are still investigating.

“I also talked with school officials. They wouldn't go on camera but they did say they are doing everything they can to make sure the kids are safe,” said Greenwood.

Dale County sheriff's deputies have stepped up security at the schools. Friday there were three sheriff's deputies on school property.

“I appreciate that and I’m thankful for the other students but I’m safer knowing my children are with me,” said Greenwood.

The extra security measures will remain in place at Skipperville schools until the end of the school year which is next Thursday.

School officials say a large number of students were absent but they're not sure if that was because of the rumors or the half day of school.