Houston County Officer Arrested Update

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Twenty-seven-year-old Michael Shawn Campbell faces federal narcotics and weapons charges. He was arrested Wednesday, made his first appearance at the federal courthouse in Montgomery where he pleaded not guilty.

Campbell has been a deputy with the Houston County sheriff's department since November of 2003. He served in the department's undercover narcotics unit.

On Wednesday morning he was taken into federal custody after an FBI undercover investigation.

He's accused of selling a semi-automatic pistol to a known convicted felon, and giving him cocaine cookies to sell on the street.

Allegedly, Campbell had set up a meeting with the felon, who is also an informant, to supply him with more cookies, as well as 1,500 ecstasy pills.

Sheriff Lamar Glover said, "There's a lot of assumptions on how he came across these drugs, I don't know if he got it out the evidence room or not...We try to make sure they are recorded on everything that they do, that they have the proper paperwork in and you see what he has done did not involve any paperwork with this department so his supervisor would not have.”

Thursday morning, district attorney Doug Valeska agreed to an interview about prosecuting drug cases that Campbell had worked on. However after a call from the sheriff's office, Valeska changed his mind and decided not to do an interview with News 4.

However, Valeska did tell News 4, the drug cases that Campbell worked on will more than likely be thrown out of court

Campbell could face up 50 years on both drug and gun charges and more than $2.2 million in fines.

A detention hearing has been scheduled for May 23. Campbell will remain behind bars until that time.