New Rabies Case in Houston County

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Another raccoon in Houston County has tested positive for rabies. This makes the 11th case this year. Houston County had the highest number of recorded rabies cases last year, and looks like it is on the same track this year.

The raccoon was found in Lockwyn Trace, a subdivision off Murphy Mill Road. The homeowner found the animal Wednesday morning in his backyard and immediately called the Houston County Health Department.

After the positive ID, he's glad he took the extra precaution to protect his neighbors and his pets.

"Houston County has a high case of rabies and we don't want that to get into the livestock or family so we’re gonna spend the money to protect the resident, that's the important part," said Bobby Snellgrove, Houston Co. Commission.

The program will allow the Houston County Health Department to continue serving the county by picking up stray animals that are called in, in order to test them for rabies. Tuesday's reported case of rabies has homeowners on alert.

"It concerns me, but obviously people need to make sure their pets are vaccinated," said Richard Morgan.

Morgan's two dogs were up to date on their rabies vaccines, and it's a good thing because the disease can quickly and easily be transferred from animals to humans.

The Houston County Health Department advises that all pets are up-to-date on their rabies vaccines and that children are cautioned not to pet or play with wild or stray animals.

If you or your child is bitten by an animal, the health department advises that you wash it with soap and water and seek medical attention immediately.

If you see stray animals in your neighborhood, the Houston County Health Department advises you to report them immediately at 334-678-2800.

They also ask that you do not attempt to catch the animal yourself.