Dothan Housing Market

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The demand for new and old homes is going up so much, which developers and contractors are finding it hard to keep up with the pace. There are hundreds of homes in the Wiregrass for sale right now.

Charles Buntin, Tom West Company, said “I think people are just finding out the Dothan is a great place to live. We have great education here, the recreation is good, the healthcare is good, and we're in a close proximity to the beach and to Atlanta."

Real estate broker Buntin says, that's why so many people are moving to Dothan and the surrounding areas.

No matter where you go, you can see for sale signs and all kinds of homes that are still under construction.

And the low interest rates are helping real estate brokers and homeowners sell these houses, very fast.

"The rates, I think everyone has kind of gotten spoiled because over the last few years, they've been so low, like an all time low in like 30 or 50 years, and right now they're about 6 1/2, which is really just still, I remember about six years ago, they were running 7 ½," said Buntin.

Low interest rate combined with a low cost of living is making Dothan a hot market for buying homes.

So hot, that once a house goes up for sale it usually doesn't take long before it's sold.

“We're seeing homes come up on the market and they're gone within a couple of weeks. It's just amazing; we're seeing people get multiple offers at one time," said Buntin.

Whether it's for retirement purposes or for a new job; more and more people are moving into the Dothan area. And that is making the demand for new homes outweigh the supply.

"It's amazing, in these new subdivisions where new home building is going up, the builders are telling me they can't build them fast enough and I think that people just like the amenities of the newer homes, so they're selling."

So as the old saying goes, if you build them they will come.