Medicare Part D Enrollment

Time is up, but it's not over yet. Feelings of frustration and confusion are still plaguing most senior citizens days after the Medicare Part D enrollment deadline. Only now, it's for different reasons.

Most seniors who qualify for Medicare have already met the Part D enrollment deadline but now they're facing other problems.

Health Insurance Counseling Program, Attorney Clayton Davis said, "People who have signed up for things have not gotten their cards yet from the government. They haven't gotten the letters back and they're having difficulty proving they should be on the plan."

Also, for some, the plan they enrolled in won't cover the medications they need. Plus, there are requirements and regulations included. That most were not educated about when they registered.

"They were not aware that all this was part of the program. It's always been there. We knew this was coming. We had hoped people would be better informed. But it's so difficult to understand," said Davis.

Officials say the system has been too complicated from the beginning and it was pushed too quickly.

So those who have registered need to double-check and make sure the plan you're registered for covers your medical needs.

Also, know that there can be exceptions in your plan and that you can switch plans if necessary.

Those who qualify for Medicare but have not yet enrolled in a Part D plan should first check if they're eligible for subsidy.

After all, there is no deadline for low-income recipients. For consultation or advice on Medicare Part D, call 671-3990 or 1-888-671-5246.