Highway 27 North Traffic

Enterprise officials are looking for help from the state concerning a dangerous roadway.

Highway 27 North, also known as the Ozark Highway, has recently been the site of several bad wrecks. Elected officials believe the rapid residential and commercial growth is partly responsible.

Andrew Cunningham knows all to well the dangers of pulling out on Highway 27 North in Enterprise. Andrew works as a restaurant deliveryman. Trying to pull out from the Creekside Plaza on to the highway is a dangerous proposition:

"Getting across is very hard. People are going 50, 60, and even 70 miles per hour. The way the road is off set it's hard to get out," said Cunningham.

Subdivisions and businesses are being built along the roadway which connects enterprise to Ozark. Traffic continues to increase, Frank Wendt is a co-owner of an ice cream shop; he would like to see a traffic signal to make a dangerous intersection safer.

"Four-lanes not here; this is kind of like the main stretch to Ozark and Ft. Rucker. So it has been a busy street. Good for business but we are worried for safety," said Wendt.

City officials say they know the dangers involved with Highway 27 north in Enterprise.
They are trying to take action to correct it.

Enterprise City Councilman Paul Russell said, "Some sort of traffic signal is really what is needed to keep us form having some sort of traffic fatality"

"At night time its dark. So you have to be very careful when pulling out. People just keep flying," said Debra Kugler.

Enterprise officials say they will continue to lobby the state DOT in order to make Highway 27 North safer.