Covington County Drug Roundup

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During a news conference in Andalusia, the Covington County District Attorney said teamwork was the key in recent drug arrests.

Covington County District Attorney Greg Gambril thanked half-dozen police chiefs, as well as the Alabama beverage control commission for a job well done.

"It is just that our local law enforcement is that good. They work hard. They work together outside the bubble," said Gambril.

The first-term DA says Covington County is one of the state's leaders in drug arrests with nearly a 100 percent conviction rate.

Covington Co. Drug Task Force Commander Paul Dean said, "It’s putting your nose to the grind stone. You can't give up. Be proactive and stay ahead of the drug problem"

The new commander of the ABC board has intensified efforts on arresting those who sell alcohol to minors Lt. Lance Price takes that very seriously.

"Minors get alcohol being it is illegal for them to have it in their system. it creates more problems. Set them to the court system," said Lt. Price.

Covington County Sheriff Anthony Clark says just the human toll drugs have on the county is insurmountable. Not only for the user, but their family as well.

"Sunday is visitation for the females in the jail. And to see the grandparents bring the children, and the parents," said Sheriff Clark.

District Attorney Gambril says more than 90 percent of the criminal cases his office has prosecuted are drug-related in some way.