Henry and Houston County House Burglaries

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One by one private homes in Henry and Houston Counties are being broken into. However they're not your typical burglaries.

It has been happening once a week for about eight weeks now and the thieves seem to be targeting weapons more than any other item.

Houston County resident, Penny Dillard, came home from work Monday and found her home had been ransacked.

Furniture was overturned, her family's gun rack was missing and several other items were misplaced.

"It's a bad feeling knowing someone would do that--steal from you--someone you don't know. And then you wonder too, what if I had been home? What would I have done? Would they have come in anyway? You wonder things like that," said Dillard.

Dillard is only one of several victims in Houston and Henry Counties who have been burglarized in the past several weeks.

Investigators say those breaking in are mostly looking for weapons. So far, hardly any jewelry or money has been stolen.

In Henry County alone, there are as many as 30-guns that are reported missing said to be valued in the thousands.

Henry County Sheriff Lawton Ed Armstrong said, "There's been some expensive weapons--some shotguns, rifles and handguns and primarily that's what they're targeting."

Authorities believe all of the burglaries between the two counties are connected. They're now asking for the public's help in finding those responsible.

Authorities want to warn everyone to look out for any type of weapons or technology being sold at extremely low prices. Also, keep an eye out for your neighbors homes as most of these burglaries are happening during the work day.

Anyone with information should call the Henry County Crimestoppers at 585-5200 or the Houston County Crimestoppers at 793-7000.