Marianna School Bus

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The students at Jackson Academy of Applied Technology completed a class project and the results could drive a long way in cutting America’s dependence on foreign oil.

The faculty and students converted a school bus from diesel fuel to cooking oil.

A 15-year-old school bus is now a point of pride in the Jackson County School District. Recently, the students at Jackson Academy of Applied Technology successfully converted the vehicle to run on cooking oil. The conversion from gas and diesel has become popular in California and several western states.

"The way it works is we put a 60-gallon tank. A primary filter to remove the sediment and water from before going into the fuel system," said Wiley Barnes, Technology Teacher.

Kenneth Jones, 11th grader, installed much of the technology that converted the bus from diesel to cooking oil. Kenneth says it was a great learning experience in many areas.

"Be like a solution. Vegetable oil we won't run out of that. At a major agricultural center like here. It would be a great thing and not harmful to the air," said Kenneth.

"I hope it is a solution. It’ll cut down on fuel consumption and it'll be more efficient. I plan on converting my diesel truck to cooking oil," said Tim Cobb, 11th grader.

At this time, the school district does not have plans to convert its buses from diesel and gas to cooking oil. School officials plan to speak with area fast food restaurants to acquire the fuel.

The cooking oil powered bus will be used on field trips and other special events by the Jackson County School District.