Click it or Ticket Campaign

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Florida highway patrol is stepping up law enforcement activities to bring awareness to the importance of wearing seatbelts.

It's that time again; troopers are hitting the roadways to encourage drivers to buckle up. The "Click it or Ticket” campaign was created to decrease the number of injuries on the roadways

Concentrated enforcement of the seatbelt law started in Florida Monday and will kick off in Alabama next month, all in an attempt to decrease injuries on the roadways.

FL Highway Patrol Officer Lt. Michael Baxley said, "Over the years we have seen a reaction in fatality rates related to seatbelt use and hopefully that trend will continue."

Studies show that as the number of people wearing seatbelts in a state increases, the number of severe injuries in traffic accidents decreases. Troopers say they feel the more aware drivers are of the importance of wearing seatbelts, the more likely they are to take the time to buckle up.

"Bringing this into the limelight lets people know how important it is and hopefully will increase the use watch time we do it," said Lt. Baxley.

Many people argue that seatbelts cause discomfort and that they can actually hurt you in an accident, but troopers say these rumors are standing in the way of people's safety.

"There's always the story that a friend would have died had he been wearing a seatbelt, but the truth is seatbelts reduce injuries drastically," said Lt. Baxley."

If being safe isn't enough to make you buckle up, just remember that not wearing your seatbelt can cost you as much as $75.

Alabama's “Click it or Ticket” campaign kicks off May 23 and runs through June 5 troopers will be in full force on the roadways and advise everyone to buckle up and drive safely.

A central Jackson County city also kicked-off its “Click it or Ticket” campaign Monday.

Cottondale police Chief William Watford and his officers will be on increased patrol from now until the Memorial Day weekend.

The town along Highway 231 is Midway between Dothan and Panama City beach.

With fun and sun on many motorists' minds, they don't always slow down and abide by safety rules.

Chief Watford says it's not his goal to write tickets, but to get people to arrive alive.

"Somewhere in the state of Florida. They need to understand and pay attention to the road. To pay attention so one can get safely one day," said Chief William.

Cottondale police are expected to run a safety check-point along Highway 231 this Friday night as part of this year's click it or ticket campaign.