Merging High Schools

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Dothan city school officials are once again looking at merging the two high schools. That could mean changes in its academic programs

This isn't the first time this issue has come up but it is the first time the board has had specific plans on how to make the plan work.

The proposal would send all the city's ninth graders to what is now Dothan High, and Northview will become a school for 10th -12th graders who'll have options to concentrate on more high-tech electives.

For the past 6 months, school officials have been looking at ways to better prepare students for the work force.

Officials say the merged school would be similar to a top system in Okaloosa County Florida. 10th-12 graders would attend Northview, where four academy's would be housed. They would include options in building science, aviation, information technology, and health.

Dothan City School Board Chairman Dr. Steve Stokes said, “It'll take us a while to implement all this and we've looked at numerous ways to upgrade the system, and this is our solution.”

No vote would take place, in fact; there will be a series of public opinion meetings on the subject first.

Dothan city schools will be the first school system in the state to implement such a program.