28 Seniors are Still Waiting for Sponsors

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DOTHAN, AL--You don't have to wear a red suit and have a white beard to be santa.

"We just brought lots of items like ensure blankets robes, all kinds of items that we know they might need," said Houston Academy 6th grade teacher Laurie Gilmore.

"My mother and i we do it every year we pick somebody, it's like the best part of the Christmas season for us," said Sara Carroll.

With their donations it makes Sara Carroll, her mom and Houston Academy's first graders "Santas for Seniors".

"We forget too that the elderly don't have people and they sometimes can't get up to get what they need and they have needs that people forget about at Christmas like cleaning products house needs."

This is the fourth year Frances Garza and her sorority have participated in the program.
This year they sponsored four seniors.

"We do this because we like giving back to the community and we know that the senior citizens are very appreciative," said Garza.

Many of the requests are simple. Things like paper towels, tissue, blankets and even groceries.

"It feels so heart warming, i cried the first time I looked at that list because it's basic necessities and they're wanting them as gifts," added Garza.

You can choose a senior based on certain criteria or just pick one at random.

"Usually there's something special that kind of sticks out about them and we just pick that person."

So remember you don't have to look like Santa, to do his job.

Of the 400 seniors listed, there are 28 more who need to be sponsored.

If you'd like to sponsor a senior, log on to www.sarcoa.org

Saturday (Dec. 8th) Is the last day to sign-up and drop off your gifts.

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