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The war in Iraq has been a heated topic for quite sometime, and no doubt will continue to be on the minds of people all over the nation. But one mother is using her negative experiences with the war to fuel positive actions in her community.

When Beverly Lipscomb watched her son leave for Iraq two year ago, she felt very strongly it would be the last time she saw her son alive. She was right.

On November 6th 2004, Justin Yoemans was killed by a suicide bomber, but Beverly says at the young age of 21, Justin had already fulfilled his life dreams. "Ever since he was little he had a dream, to drive a tank, to be a hero, and to to serve. Most people don't get to find out who they are, but Justin did."

Justin left behind a sister, Hillary, mother, and several pets who adored him.

His mother says her one hope is that Justin's death will serve as a reminder to everyone that troops in Iraq are fighting for every individual in America, and that each soldier deserves 100 percent of America's support in return. "People won't look negatively upon the war. My son didn't die in vain and others didn't die in vain, they are dying for our freedom."

Beverly and her family fly the American flag at half staff each day in rememberance of Justin and all the troops who have fallen in Iraq.

Beverely says one thing that helped her make it through her tragedy was recieving letters from others offering their support. If you are interested in writing to soldiers or to their families you can find more information at