Military Job Fair

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Military officials say one in every 131 Americans serves in the military. However they say the on-going struggle to protect America and defend freedom, calls for even more manpower.

Friday, a military career fair was in Dothan to try and pick up some new recruits.

Representatives from different branches of the military were at the career fair, and they say the military is not just about fighting also about setting and reaching career goals.

A Huey helicopter lands just outside the Alfred Saliba Family Services center to kick start a two day military career fair in Dothan.

America's armed forces need more men and women to take up arms and they're looking for some right here in the Wiregrass.

Ft. Rucker Garrison Commander, Col. Scott Larese said, "There's nothing more honorable than to serve your country, and your fellow man."

Although for many of the men and women considering enlisting in the military, there is one issue that constantly sticks out in their minds.

The ongoing war in Iraq has claimed thousand of Americans lives in the past several years.

"That's certainly part of their decision making process... but we are defending freedom... we're on a noble cause, and I can't think of a better way to serve our country than to serve in the military," said Col. Larese.

Officials say a career in the military can also help a person with his or her career goals.

"Teach them discipline, discipline is something that is needed in order to pursue their goals," said Rep. Locy Baker

And it is this aspect of military service that appears to attract young people.

Jonica Walker said, "It's really good benefits for my college and I really want to go off to college and serve my country.”

Military recruiters say the war overseas, has not forced them to change their recruitment strategy. But they say they are always in need of more people.

The career fair will continue Saturday and representatives from all the braches of the military will be there with information and to showcase all kinds of military vehicles, equipment, and weapons systems.