Jail Overcrowded

Overcrowding has been a problem for county jails across the state. Thursday, a judge ruled that the Alabama prison system commissioner must remove 185 state inmates from backlogged county jails by May 31st or face jail himself.

Houston County Sheriff Lamar Glover made headlines when he started hauling inmates to state prisons five years ago.

The Houston County jail currently has a maximum capacity of 386 inmates; at times that number can reach more than 400.

Alabama circuit Judge William Shashy ordered Commissioner Richard Allen to remove another 200 state inmates from backlogged jails by June 27th and have the entire backlog cleared by September 5th.

Shashy wrote that violation of either of the two deadlines would also result in possible jail time in the 15-year-old inmate backlog case.

Except Dale and Henry counties, every jail is over capacity. Coffee and Dale County have no state inmates that have been there for over 30 days.

Houston County leads the pack with 17 state inmates.