Houston County Dead Dogs

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Halstead Road seems like the perfect place to build a home and raise a family, but Wednesday the Houston County Sheriff's Department found that someone is using the road for a different reason to dispose of killed dogs. Some Houston County residents are outraged.

Bed and Bisquit owner Debbie Gary said, "These dogs that I have witnessed and have been shot and killed are pets; strays don't deserve this either, but these are obviously pets,"

The male was wearing a red nylon collar and the female was wearing a blue nylon collar, both are described as having distinctive markings. The sheriff's department is counting on the public to bring this case to a close.

"We need help from the public; if you are the owner of the male of female rottweiler, please contact the Houston County Sheriff's department," said Don McMullan, Houston Co. Operations Commander.

It is a felony to intentionally torture or kill a dog or cat and that means fines and possible jail time for anyone brought to justice, something many in the community are hoping for.

"I'm amazed no one has come forward; if they don't come forward they're as guilty as if they pulled the trigger," said Gary.

If you are the owner of these two rottweilers, or have information the sheriff's department might find useful, you can contact them at 677-4809.