Loaded Gun Found in Houston Co. Jail

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A loaded gun has been found inside a mattress at the Houston County Jail and now investigators want answers.

Investigators believed the weapon was placed there by someone inside the jail. The loaded gun was found stuffed inside a mattress and could have been put there by any of the 75 employees who work there.

Early Monday morning an inmate in the Houston County Jail complained that a mattress he was using to sleep on had something quote, hard in it.

"He called the supervisor of the jail, the corrections officer and the looked and saw the weapon inside the mattress," said Sheriff Lamar Glover.

The weapon Sheriff Glover speaks of was a loaded four-and-a-half-inch barrel Lorcin 9mm pistol. He says someone took the time to get the mattress from the mattress room, cut a five inch slit on the inside of it then hide the gun.

"Inmates do not have access to the mattress room, they don't go there unaccompanied," said Sheriff Glover. That's why Glover believes it’s an inside job "We believe it's disgruntled employment."

When an inmate is booked into the Houston County jail they receive a packet of rules that they are expected to follow and the list of items that family and friends are able to bring. They include personal letters, legal documents, even a soft back.

Investigator Kris Rocco, Houston Co. Jail Administrator said, "The likelihood of someone bringing a gun in here is unlikely, very unlikely. We have such strict and stringent rules and procedures for inmate intake."

Rules that include searching an inmate before and after they are put into their holding cells.

Four investigators have been put on the case. They have leads on the weapon that indicate it could have come from out of state.

The loaded weapon was found by an inmate who was in jail for writing bad checks.

If found, the suspect could be charged with bringing contraband to jail. That carries with it a penalty of up to 10 years.