Hybrid Car Way to Save Gas and Money

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With summer break almost here, families are starting to plan their trips. However with soaring gas prices, the vacation budget begins to dwindle. Hybrid cars may a solution that could help with the pocket book and help make the earth a cleaner place.

Although it has two engines, the hybrid car gets nearly double the gas mileage than a small car. The question is; can it go the distance?

In 2000, three hybrid cars were brought to Alabama; two went to Birmingham and one came to Dothan. Since then, hybrid owner, Bill Spivey, has owned three different hybrids cars that has driven its way into his heart.

"It's a real, real comfortable car to drive. We love them, we love the hybrids and that's the thing of the future, I think," said Spivey

With the hybrid, the future has arrived, as a vehicle that helps the environment and with gas mileage.

"Basically, it's two vehicles with two engines. You have your gas burning engine, but you have the assistance of the electric motor. These are all self contained, so there's no plugging into wall sockets or anything like that. It actually charges itself by regeneration. The power you're creating from the gas burning engine and with dynamic breaking so the energy used regenerates the power pack in the vehicle," said Mike Beltran, Toyota of Dothan.

Spivey and his wife have recently taken a trip to Kansas City and were delightfully surprised by the gas mileage they received.

"We averaged 51.5 miles per hour. And it was fairly comfortable," said Spivey.

Spivey read consumer reports before purchasing his cars. He says the starting cost was $22,000 and that was before adding on the extras.

If you aren't in the market for a hybrid car, but are still interested in keeping your gas mileage low; car makers say it's best to follow the speed limit and keep up on the maintenance of your car.