Major Drug Arrests

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Authorities in Covington County have taken a proactive stance against illegal drug transactions.

More than two dozen arrests have been made in Florala in the last month.

Florala police Captain Mark Anderson says his goal is to target the dealer by cutting off the flow of illegal narcotics, that's the only way to stop the problem.

Over several weeks, Florala police and agents with the Alabama Beverage Control Board have been busy. There have been search warrants and drug arrests made.

On Tuesday night, Vance Thompson and Maggie Burlison were arrested at a Florala residence on meth trafficking charges. They are behind bars at the Covington County Jail on million dollar bonds.

"At this point, we're after the dealers and pushers to get them off the street and with assistance from the A.B.C. board," said Capt. Anderson

Restaurant owner Tony Blount is glad to see the drug crack-down. In fact, Blount says he even feels safer in his neighborhood.

"We came a year-and-a-half ago. I think they are doing an excellent job. You use to see them roaming on the streets. Now, you don't see it anymore," said Blount.

"For one computer shop repair owner who recently moved his business to downtown Florala. He feels authorities have stemmed the tide of illegal narcotics here"

"I think it’s been long overdue and they are doing an excellent job. I wish there were more of them," said Don Gaines.

Captain Anderson says his goal is to get the drug pushers out of his community of 2,500 residents. By getting to the source of the drugs origin, Captain Anderson feels that can make a huge difference in slowing down the problem.

Florala police say the drug crackdown is being made possible by tips given to his department by concerned residents and business owners.