104-Year-Old Malvern Post Office Closing

For 104 years, the city of Malvern has had a post office. Now, plans are to close it and that has some citizens concerned.

Each day Van Johnston slices meat in his grocery store Johnston’s Meat Market in Malvern. Each day Johnston also manages 85 P.O boxes, 100 money orders, and nearly $3,000 in postage sales at his contracted post office in his grocery store.

Lately though, he says it's become quite a handful.

"Since the 9/11 incident, the paperwork has changed dramatically, and it’s just gotten a little over my head for me to try to keep with a postal service and my grocery store," said Johnston.

He wants to close the post office down.

The Malvern post office will send out its last batch of mail on May 13.

"People like myself, I'm getting too old to do all that stuff now," said Lloyd Dowling.

This is why government officials from Birmingham will be driving down to Malvern tonight for a public meeting to discuss what options are available.

"My husband was thinking about trying to do it, he's about to retire and I'm retired and I take care of my father so that is probably something I'd like to do," said Mary Courtney

However whether officials want that will be a question raised in the meeting.

There are hardly any more contracted post offices out there. Owners get a set fee of $800 a month and with Johnston's being opened 12 hours a day, six days a week he says it’s just not profitable.