Enterprise Preacher Funeral

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A well-known civil rights leader's funeral was held in Enterprise Monday.

More than 500-mourners' filled St. Beulah's Missionary Baptist Church to say goodbye to Dr. Virgil Coleman.

Family and friends filed past the open casket of Pastor Virgil Coleman. Last Thursday, the 82-year-old Coffee County native passed away. He ministered at St. Beulah Missionary Baptist Church in Enterprise for nearly 45-years. He was also a teacher and principal in New Brockton during a segregated school system in the 1960s.

Pastor Coleman's daughter, Stella Davis said, "A loving, caring person. He lived a very fruitful and spiritual life. We will miss him. But we have to remember him as the good works he brought"

"He was a giver. He gave to every and anyone. He gave to the people who came by in need of help. Just that kind of person," said Bernest Brooks, Church Deacon.

94-year-old Alma Dawn Taylor has seen a St. Beulah congregation member since 1923. She remembers the day Pastor Coleman arrived at the church:

"I remember when he first came here we were simply like sheep without a Shepard," said Taylor.

With Pastor Coleman being a contemporary of Martin Luther King Junior and other civil rights leaders of that day. Folks and state officials came to pay their final respects.

"He led us to great heights, and we will miss him. And we will remember the accomplishments of his life," said Rev. Clarence Noble, Southeast State Church Convention.

Pastor Coleman is credited with establishing a spiritual foundation for thousands of young people in Coffee County over the last 50 years.

Following Monday’s service, Dr. Coleman's body was taken back to his hometown of Elba for burial.