Florida Brush Fires

Florida residents are praying for rain to help extinguish the brush fires that continue to rage across the state.

Governor Jeb Bush has declared a state of emergency and called in the national guard to help fight the blazes.

Four people have been killed and more than 9,000 acres are charred.

There are at least 50 separate fires across the region, destroying homes and causing thousands to evacuate.

Forecasters say the blaze can be attributed to a dry spring and last year's hurricane season, which ripped down thousands of trees that are now dried out and perfect for kindling a fire.

Alabama is sending firefighting help to Florida to help battle the brush fire blazes.

The state forestry commission has a two-man crew on the front lines of a brush fire in Apalachicola.

Forestry officials say Alabama is ready to send more firefighters if they are needed.