Coffee County Jail Concerns

A Coffee County official says he's disappointed at what he found during an unannounced jail tour.

At the open invitation of Sheriff Ben Moates, County Commissioner J.L. Weeks, along with several other officials, toured the jail in New Brockton last week.

In his comments at Monday’s commission meeting, Weeks says the lighting was extremely dim, making it difficult for correctional officers to see what's taking place.

Weeks also said blankets were used to cover the front of cells, making it difficult once again to know what's going on.

"I think we ought to do jail walk through when ever possible, At least on a time-to-time basis and examine the conditions in the jails," said Weeks.

Sheriff Moates told News 4 via telephone that he is always open to suggestions. However, he doesn't understand why Commissioner Weeks addressed the issue with the media before contacting him.