Mural Festival Economic Impact

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After a week-long festival of murals, officials say things are looking up for the Circle City's downtown area.

From a preliminary count, 6,000 people attended the Wiregrass Festival Of Murals over the entire week.

City of Dothan Public Relations Cynthia Greene said, "There was people that came in town that hopefully bought gas while they were here perhaps they came and enjoyed some of the festivities and rode out to some of our shopping malls. We really hope that our businesses downtown were able to prosper."

Much of this can be attributed to a variety of events such as jazz concerts for the Lover's Night Out or the Downtown Art Festival featuring bands, music, and of course arts and crafts.

What may have been the real show stopper is the number of customers who ventured into downtown Dothan’s restaurants.

Gracie's Restaurant owner Billy Holmes says his business had at least 200 people on Saturday alone.

"Even though we have a good following there are so many people that don't get downtown on a regular basis. Or know that we're here. So they were even surprised that a restaurant like this was even down here," said Holmes.

Even Houston County reaped the benefits of Dothan’s success. On Saturday night, a concert featuring some R&B, and hip-hop artists resulted in about 4,000 tickets sold at upwards of $25 each.

"It was just wonderful to see everyone come out, to see the young and old come together," said Monica Warren, Co-Promoter.

When asked what they'd change about next year's festival, Dothan officials said they would have more events during the evening.

City officials will have a meeting within the next two weeks to see how much money was collected from the festival.