Opp Rescue Squad Closing

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Several months of rumors have become reality in Covington County. Monday, the doors closed at the Opp Rescue Squad.

There have been rumors of financial problems. The service was paid on a per run basis. The place is now closed

A sign can be found on the squad door on Whaley Street. It states that the service is now closed due to a lack of money and community support. It was formed by volunteers and has always maintained that they were a non-profit organization. Opp Mayor H.D. Edgar says he was disappointed to find out that the service is no longer in operation:

"We do regret that they had to close the doors. And at this point we do have another company. A private company that provides ambulance services on each runs what we may have to do remain to be seen," said Mayor Edgar.

Mayor Edgar hopes a private ambulance service operating in Opp will provide adequate service.

If not, the city may get involved in funding an ambulance service of some kind.

A phone number for questions has been posted on the front door of the building. That number is 493-7515.