Festival of Murals

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Arts, crafts, food and more brought people together Saturday for the first annual Festival of Murals.
The event spotlighted murals in the downtown area in hopes of attracting people to downtown Dothan.

Dowtown business owner Rick Lowellyn said, "business has been tremendous. The city has brought this one together and it's a tremendous things for downtown."

The festival featured events for the whole family. There was an entire section dedicated to children and allowing them to have fun and gain an appreciation for the arts.

Member of the Wiregrass Museum CANVAS group Corey Decker said, "we enjoy working with children and to show them what museum has taught us about art and to give back to the community."

Children at the festival were all smiles and appreard to enjoy every minute of the day. One child at the Festival said, "I did art and had lots and lots of fun."

Dance exhibits took place during the day as well as different musical performances. Attendees of the festival were excited about the variety of events to choose from.

One attendee of the festival said, "There are so many different things from food to crafts and music. I think its great, we'll definitely be coming back next year."

Downtown has gained several businesses in the past two months and the festival was a chance for many people to get a taste of what new downtown Dothan has to offer.

Another person attending the event said, "I'm hoping Dothan gets more business downtown so we can get more things going."

Hundreds of people attended the event and police say they had no problems just good clean fun.

The Festival of Murals was so well received by the community that the city plans to hold another one next year, so if you missed out Saturday just look out for an even bigger and better festival in 2007.