City of Elba Try to Save Fuel

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The skyrocketing price of fuel is causing havoc on city and county budgets across the Wiregrass. Elba Mayor James Grimes asked his department heads to devise a plan to cutback on fuel.

The street and police departments are the two largest users of gasoline for the city of Elba. The skyrocketing price of fuel has led to department managers to devise ways to save. In the street department, one truck is being sent to handle matters within a specified zone.

Elba Street Superintendent James Richards said, "If I have crews that work close together. I put them on the same truck. I don't let them take out more vehicles than we need on one job."

City projects coordinator, Herby McCall, through a computer program can keep a daily track of fuel consumption with 70 city vehicles in the motor fleet; authorized personnel are given an access number at the pump which is logged immediately into the computer:

"If a vehicle is using more fuel than what it normally uses we can pull it off the road so we can do maintenance or if we are using more fuel in one month we can keep a close track on a daily basis," said McCall.

When the mechanic says keep your vehicle well maintained, that’s not just an old wive’s tale. In other words it saves by keeping them maintained.

William Randall Hodge, Elba Maintenance Supervisor, said, "With the main thing to conserve is to do regular maintained; keep your vehicle well maintained by changing air and fuel filters regularly. If you don't you'll have failure of engines and burn a lot more fuel."

At this time, the city is spending approximately $200 more a month on fuel than it did at the same time last year.